Tips for Buying Snow Ski Boots


1.   Have your foot measured completely.  All feet are not created equal and different boots accommodate different feet.  Our professional boot fitters will measure all aspects of your feet to guarantee that we put you into the right ski boot.  Length, height, width, and ankle style are all measurements that help the person fitting your boot determine the right size and model of boot that is perfect for you.

2.   Give yourself plenty of time for a proper fitting in the store.  It takes at least an hour to do a full fitting.  Calling ahead and setting up an appointment is a good way to ensure that you and your boot fitter are available for the adequate time it takes to fit your new boots.

3.   Too Big = BIG PROBLEMS. A boot that is too big might feel more comfortable in the store, but a boot that is too big can dramatically compromise your equipment's abiluty to work properly as well as result in injury to your toes, feet, legs, and upper body.

4.   Shell fit is important.  To check shell fit, remove the liner and put your foot in the shell. Slide your foot forward until your big toe touches the front. A finger to a finger-and-a-half of space between your heel and the shell will give you a good snug fit when the liner is reinserted, assuming no other parts of your foot are touching the shell. If you feel contact, these are potential "hot spots" and your boot fitter may suggest another model or customization options. 

5.   Be honest about your skiing ability level.  The type of skier you are plays a role in the kind of boot you should buy.

It is best to go see a knowledgeable and professional boot fitter.  All of the top boot retailers in the world will tell you that having somebody identify your foot type for you is essential to finding the right boot for you.  It is very difficult for the average to experienced skier to understand all of the different volumes and shapes of boots required for a perfect match. Furthermore, ski boot technology is awalays changing and improving. Sail & Ski has the largest selection and most recent models from the best brands in the industry.