Tips for Buying Snowboard Boots

1.   Only you can decide what boots are going to be the best for you.  Don't rely on recommendations from friends or colleagues, just because they like it doesn't mean that it is the best boot for your unique foot shape.  Boots are the most important piece of equipment when boarding.  Without the right boot fit for your foot, you might end up cutting your days short because of foot fatigue or pain.

2.   Choosing the right pair of boats for you takes time.  Set aside plenty of time in the store so that you truly find the pair for you.  You should also wear the socks that you will be wearing on the mountain and walk around in the boots for a few minutes to decide if there is an uncomfort or added pressure that could potentially cause problems for you in the future.

3.   Stay away from oversized boots.  Snowboard boots should fit your foot so that your toes brush the end of the toe box and hold your heel in place when you shift your weight.  Your toes should not be crunched, but they should touch the end of the boot.  If you seem to have problems with heel hold down, ask whether the boot comes with "J-bar inserts"... they are small, cushioned "j" shaped inserts that go on the inside of the shell and outside of the liner on either side of your ankle bone to better fit the boot to your foot.

4.   Not every foot is the same.  Make sure you check with the boot fitter to see if an orthopedic foot-bed would be beneficial to your fit.  These foot-beds can be adjusted to correct any number of problems.

5.   Think Convenience: You want to find a boot that is fairly easy for you to get in and out of.  No one wants to waste precious riding time waiting for their buddy to get his boots on.

6.   Function over Fashion:  So, you've been shopping online for boots and you found the perfect match to your board and bindings.  You go into the store, tell the salesperson the boot and size you want, and walk out of the store.  When you get to the mountain and your big toe is SCRUNCHED to the front, you will end up spending that Christmas money on renting a pair of boots for your trip!  This happens ALL TOO OFTEN... don't let it happen to you.  The time is takes to try on, learn about proper fit, and pick out the best pair of boots for you is time well spent... and in some cases, money well saved!