Tips for Buying Snow Ski and Snowboard Clothing


1.   Check the waterproof material: Less expensive jackets have a waterproof coating that will wear away over time.  A waterproof laminate might cost a little more but it will last longer and keep you drier.  You will also wany to look for jackets that have taped seams and waterproof zippers to help keep moisture out and warmth in.

2.   Breathability:  Versatility is essential when buying a new winter outfit.  You want a jacket that you will be warm in a blizzard and not burn you up whule standing in the lift line in warmer conditions.  When looking at a garment's waterproof rating, it should be accompanied by a high breathability.  A high waterproof rating is great, but you will end up soaked with sweat if the material doesn't breath as well as it protects. That's why you shouldn't go skiing in a rain coat.  You should also take a look at vents around the arms, back, and legs because they are going to be more versatile for all weather conditions as well.  Since most Texas residents go skiing and/or snowboarding once or twice a year and make trip planning accomodations months in advance, it is necessary to find a jacket and pants that will be ready for any weather condition as well as keep you comfortable on the mountain.

3.   Insulation:  You should look for a jacket and pants that allow you to layer the correct amount of thermals underneath.  You want to keep your core temperature up so that  you stay more comfortable on the mountain.  If you tend to get cold you might want to look for a jacket with built-in insulation, but don't forget that you have to be able to move around as well.  The heavier the jacket, the harder it will be to maneuver yourself on the slopes.

4.   Added Features:  Check to see if the jacket has a pocket for your goggles, waterproof pockets for things like your phone, iPod, or walkie talkie.  A lot of jackets come with detachable hoods, making your jacket more versatile for varying weather conditions.  Snow skirts and half sleeve cuffs are also added bonuses to keeping the wind and snow out.  An even newer feature to look for is matching zippers... they can be found on some snowboard jackets to attach your pants and jacket to guarantee to keep the snow out and the warm in.

5.   Price: This is true for a lot of things, but especially true for snow sports apparel, you get what you pay for.  A very inexpensive jacket is not going to have the kind of venting and waterproofing that is necessary to keep you comfartable and on the mountain longer.  Waterproofing + Breathability = Warmth.  Less expensive types of waterproofing, such as waterproof coatings,  will wear away and you will end up having to buy a new jacket much sooner than you would if you spent a little more to get a higher quality, longer lasting garment the first time.

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